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    1906 Earthquake Relief and Recovery Efforts

"Report to the President on San Francisco Conditions," by Victor H. Metcalf
Helping Chinese Victims of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire
Report to the Massachusetts Assoc. for the Relief of California
James D. Phelan's Telegram to Sec. of War Taft
Red Cross Thugs, Beware of Arrest!
"The Situation in San Francisco" by James D. Phelan
Boston Herald Interview With James D. Phelan
"Did Mayor Schmitz Lose His Head?"
Minutes of the Painters' Union Post-Earthquake Meeting
Minutes of the Plumbers' Union Post-Earthquake Meeting
Report on Possible Rehabilitation of City Hall and the Hall of Justice
Financing the Reconstruction of San Francisco
Mayor Schmitz Discourages Sightseeing in the Ruins
Press Clippings on Recovery Efforts

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