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1906 Earthquake Intensity Map
Board of Underwriters’ Conflagration Report
Map of Burned Area
“Burnt Clay Construction at San Francisco,” by Charles H. Alden, Jr.
“The California Earthquake: Movements Along the Santa Cruz Fault Line” by J.C. Branner
“Earthquakes and Structural Engineering,” by Prof. John C. Branner
"Observations of the San Francisco Earthquake," by Joseph H. Harper
Reconstruction of the Ferry Building Tower, by F.A. Koetitz
“How the History of the Disaster is Being Made,” by H. Morse Stephens
History of the Earthquake History Committee
Prof. Stephens Writes Sec. Taft for Confidential Reports
Photographs of the 1906 Disaster
Preliminary Earthquake Commission Report
“Progress of the Fires,” by Lawrence J. Kennedy
Damage to the Spring Valley Water Company
“Proposed Auxiliary Water Supply System for San Francisco,” by Rolla V. Watt
Rehabilitation of City Hall and Hall of Justice
Losses to the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art
Legislation to Fill Precita Valley Swamp
Restoration of Utilities
“Who Is to Blame for San Francisco’s Plight,” by Charles Peter Weeks
Newspaper Clippings about Earthquake Damage
U.S.G.S. 1906 Earthquake Information
If the 1906 Earthquake Were to Happen Today
Santa Cruz Mountains Earthquake of November 8, 1914

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