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Protest of Nazi Bund Meetings
Growth of the Nazi Bund movement in the United States was of concern to San Franciscan's because of the large German community in the Bay Area which centered its activities around California Hall, known at various times as German House, German-American Hall or California House. The building still stands at Polk and Turk streets.

Bund activity in San Francisco ended with America's entry into World War II in late 1941.

This is an excerpt from the June 9, 1938, minutes of the American Federation of Musician's Local Six in San Francisco.

Upon request Secretary reads resolution adopted by the San Francisco Labor Council Friday, May 20, protesting German Bund meeting as follows:

WHEREAS: There are in Europe several countries whose systems are directly opposite to our own theory of American democracy, in which countries labor organizations have been disbanded and prohibited and their properties confiscated:

WHEREAS: In several of these countries at the present time there is being carried on a crusade based on religious intolerance, racial hatred and bitterness; and

WHEREAS: There is to be held in San Francisco during Memorial Day week-end a meeting of the German-American Bund, a Nazi Organization in this country; and,

WHEREAS: Such organizations as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, various Jewish and other religious organizations have protested holding of this embryo "storm troop" organization meeting and recorded their disapproval of it; and

WHEREAS: The San Francisco Labor Council has gone on record as being opposed to the introduction and spreading of any alien "isms" which are a menace to our American democracy; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the San Francisco Labor Council voices its protest against this meeting, and renews its pledge to continue its fight for the preservation of American democracy; and be it further

Photograph of Walter Weber, President of AFM Local 6, San Francisco

RESOLVED: That copies of this resolution be forwarded to the press of San Francisco.

President [Walter A.] Weber, owing to the absence of Vice-President Moore, who was excused from the meeting, calls upon Trustee James G. Dewey to act as Chairman.

President Weber then sitting in the meeting as a member takes the floor and gives his views regarding our members playing at the German House on May 29. He also reads to the membership the special edition of "The Score" and brands same as a malicious falsehood.

Joe Walker, Phil Sapiro, Dave Willats, Jules Spiller, Elmer Hubbard, Meta Moore, Business Agent [Eddie T.] Burns and other members voice their opinions. A motion is made that we concur in the action of President Weber and give vote of thanks. Carried. Meta Moore votes no.

RAY DANIS, Acting Secretary.

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