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News of the California Chinese Press
And Other Chit-Chat from Chinatown

By Bill Simons

California Chinese Press found its way to the streets of Chinatown late Friday afternoon, chalking up another "first" for that rapid-growing, civic-conscious district. This is the first English paper to be published by a staff of Chinese writers in California, [and] will come out every Friday. So, today's district congratulations to its two editors and publishers, Charlie Leong and Bill Hoy, of whom we wrote last week.

Chinatown's latest adventure into American journalism is backed by a list of business and professional people that reads like a Chinese Who's Who. Heading this list is Consul- General C.T. Feng as honorary chairman of the advisory board. Others are Joe Shoong, president of the National Dollar Stores; K.L. Kwong, president of the Bank of Canton, San Francisco; B.S. Fong, president of the China War Relief Association; Albert K. Chow, Democratic leader of Chinatown.

And the list of sponsors and advisors goes on: our good friend, Dr. Theodore C. Lee, past president of the Chinese Junior Chamber of Commerce; Myron Chan, Junior Chamber president; Leland Kimlau, vice chairman of the Advisory Selective Service Board No. 76; Dr. Henry B. Woo; W. Jack Chow; Arthur B. Chinn; Anthony Seto.

Spencer Owyang, general manager of the American Trust's Chinese Department, is on the advisory board, as are: Hoo Shuck, vice-president of the China War Relief Association; Richard Fung, manager of the Chinese World; Huie Park and Jew Fook, prominent businessmen. In short, there is unanimous support for the new California Chinese Press, and there doesn't seem to be a reason in the world why it shouldn't be tremendously successful.

San Francisco Chronicle
November 24, 1940

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